HD high-discrimination system based on 10 different parameters regarding: frequency, dimensions and phase.
5-sensor identification technology: 3 inductive sensors, 1 optical sensor and 1 magnetic sensor.
High acceptance speed: 6 coins per second, even of different values.
Compatible with all coin sorters available on the market.
Advanced electronic and mechanical anti-fraud system: electronic antifishing device, coin movement direction detection, 3 mechanical traps, and wire cutting blade.
Innovative construction and design.
Indicator LED.
Also available in tropicalised version to adapt to environments exposed to weather agents.
Also available in USB version.
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The new RM5 HD coin validator has set new reference standards in coin validation. Through 5 different sensors and 10 recognition parameters, it ensures a high level of recognition and discrimination of valid and counterfeit coins with an unprecedented speed of 6 coins per second (even of different values). This innovative type of construction ensures strength and durability, while advanced electronic and mechanical anti-fraud systems guarantee excellent security in all its various installation modes. The coin validator label can be customised in order to allow increased visibility of the company logo.‌


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